Monday, March 21, 2011

Support Japan!

Japan was struck by a great Earthquake followed by tsunami. Death toll kept rising, opening my owner's terrible memory on the Aceh tsunami in 2006. Not only that, they are also followed by haunting nuclear radiation threat from Fukushima Nuclear Plant. The situation forces about 300.000 people to evacuate. I saw that from Lupus' note and it is just.... Hwaaa~~~~!!! *crying*

Anyway, Pet Society wants to help them. They releases the Support Japan Bundle, a bundle with a hakama set and an adorable plushie to keep. It is sold solely to help them - all money used to buy it are donated to Mercy Corps for the victims. When I nagged at Lupus to buy it, he just pointed to the front door and when I saw it, Kya! He had already bought it for me! XD 

Snowy next to the Support Japan Bundle

We opened the bundle and we found these adorable items. The Support Japan Hakama looks beautiful. I'm wearing it proudly. Not to forget that it comes with the Support Japan Hairclip. And one thing that I like is that I can wear the hairclip along with my cupid circlet*! Yay! And I also got the Support Japan Sandals, but I don't wear it because I prefer skating instead of walking. I think I'll put it in my Japanese themed room.

And ah, I can never forget this. The Support Japan Plushie! Looks so cute! It depicts a japanese girl pet with a balloon that says "Thank You". It looks unbearably adorable. I put it on the throne for now so I will remember to pray for them when I went to that room. (Lupus: Funny note is that the main reason she wants the bundle is the balloon, duh....)

Snowy wearing the hakama next to the Support Japan Plushie.
*the Support Japan Hairclip can be worn along with other upper headwear like hats, tiara, etc.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Carnival Show, Finally!

Snowy's the one to talk. Lupus and I are still busy with exams....

Hi! I'm sorry for the long delay since the arrival of the... oops, I shouldn't be telling you now. Anyways, remember the carnival week we were having? Now the mysterious last member of the carnival animals have arrived! Here is it, the Magical Pink Elephant that can even fly! 

The Fabled Magical Pink Elephant

Now that everyone's here, let's see the show! The Carnival Lion can now show his trick. He can throw and catch his baton like a leader of Marching Band! He looks funnily amazing with his hat trick* too. And the Balancing Bear is not just balancing - he can even jump and land in balance too! Cool! Now we can hear the loud applause there!

(*Note from Lupus: Not to be confused with hat trick in soccer :p)
Snowy with the Carnival Lion and the Balancing Bear

That's not the last. The Swinging Bunny greets everyone there. She swings happily and waves her hand. Now she looks absolutely adorable! And the Suited Seal? Now he isn't only putting a ball on his nose and trying to make the ball stay balanced for a long time - he can even throw the ball and catch it with his nose without failing for unlimited times! Amazing! Pets are awed and applause is heard like storm! XD

Snowy with the Swinging Bunny and Suited Seal

 See? It is a success! Now we can enjoy their shows here! I want to play there, too! And that's all for now. I'm thinking we will have much more exciting themes in Pet Society. Can't wait to see each weeks update!

The Circus Room!

I'm glad this wave of exams will be over soon enough....

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Winter Wonderland!

Snowy, you go and talk. I'm tired and I must study for this Mid-Semester Great Exams.... Sighs....

Hi! I want to tell you something today. Magic of Wonderland seems to come now! Many magical things happened this week (Lupus said "Scientifically unexplainable."). Big pets, small pets. I see my friends grew BIG and some others shrunk!

Anyways, some other items are really wonderfully beautiful! Introducing you, the loyal troops of Dormice. They are equipped with rapier and brave heart despite of their small size. They look really cute, although Lupus said not to underestimate them. Go and fight, nya~~ !

Snowy and her loyal Dormice guards

The other thing that's wonderful from this Wonderful Wonderland is the Talking Flowers! In the Garden/Outdoor Shop you can find a seed called "Talking Seed". If you plant one, on the next day you will find a beautiful flower that can talk. I got Talking Sunflower, Rose, and Rainbow Flower. They are not only talking, but also singing joyfully! I love hearing them singing! XD

Snowy listening the singing flowers

Snowy and the White Queen Portrait
And the other thing I love from this week is that my big bro Lupus has found one portrait. That's not an ordinary portrait, but that's a White Queen Portrait. The White Queen looks so beautiful. Lupus said that she is the previous Royal Queen of Crystalia and our mother, Queen Mirpawna. And oh, she can blink her eyes, too, although it is a portrait. Pretty, isn't she? X3

That's all for now. I'm glad now we have new Throne Room of Crystalia. My pet owner seems to be busy next week, so he might not be able to visit this blog for a while. Bye~~~!

Note: Queen Mirpawna. Well, I actually refers that as a pun of my mother's name, Miranda. It might refer to White Queen Mirana in Alice in Wonderland, though.
Note: Duh, I think this room can still be decorated. Any suggestion on this Icy Throne Room?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Carnival is coming! (3)

Still, Snowy's talking. All words are courtesy to her....

Hi, again! Now I want to introduce you the Balancing Bear! He's the last member of the carnival animals! Along with the previous three members, they'll make a great show!

*Lupus called Snowy and whispered something to her*

Oh, I got a great news! I heard that the little bear is not the last one! Lupus said that there will be one more member that will make the greatest show along with the four of these cute animals. He said the last one will be a Magical Pink Elephant. I can't wait to see it! Kya~~~!

And oh, the show hadn't start yet. We're waiting for the little dumbo. But guests there had been waiting for the spectacular show they want to see! I'll be preparing myself. =3

And kya! We're celebrating the 10 Million Fans of Pet Society! So the ringmaster decided to put the cake there! Ya~~~y! And the carnival lion seemed to like the cake and quickly nom it ^ ^

That's all for now, but I'll come back soon until the little Dumbo come here =3

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Carnival is Coming! (2)

Snowy's still talking....

As for today... the ringmaster Russell have one trusted subordinates. Here comes the Carnival Lion! He looked young, yet he's quite experienced. He'll be another part of the show's awesomeness! We were also waiting for one more member to come and join, but Lupus sealed his mouth when I asked who's going to come here.... ("Guess it yourself," Lupus said, "That's something obvious" :D )

Not only that, the news has spread to the whole town. Some people got curious and took a look and the seats. This was going to be a very famous show in the city!

That's all for now... but this was not the end. I'm too excited that I can't wait for the next day to come! =3

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Carnival is coming! (1)

This time... Snowy wants to talk. She's very excited for this week's carnival, it seems....

Yay, carnival is coming to our city of Pet Society! My big bro LunarLupus has accepted a quest at Perry's cafe. He said he'll be the magician there. Not only that, he said I'll be the lion tamer! He said I'm very talented like his girlfriend Princess Marie, kyaaaa!

They were currently preparing themselves. I, along with Lupus and other friends, was allowed to see what's inside. It was still not yet finished, but from what I saw, they're going to have a really spectacular show!

I saw they had a very cute bunny on swing. She was singing and she's very cute with her voice too! I chatted with her and she said she was so happy and excited with the show. She was so prepared and I can see that. They also had a little Suited Seal. He looked so cheerful. Lupus said he was new in the circus, but he seemed so confident for the show.

When I looked on the back side of the tent, I saw... what's there? Is that real? A... Balloon Stand? It has MANY balloons! Yaaaaay! Big bro! Buy me many balloons!

*Lupus just sighed....*

That's all for now. They're not yet finished yet, but I know we were going to have a wonderful show going on soon!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snowy's birth... a story of past me....

Hmm, I think I should write about Snowy's past. I still remember that joyful day, err... accident. I studied and still study use of magic in Crystalis wizardry school. I'm still studying there, though, and now I'm known as a prodigy in mystic arts. Anyways, here comes the old diary....

Note that I use 24 Hours time format.

19th December

It was a cold morning. Holiday had started but I refused to go outside of my room in Lunastria dormitory. I have studied my book of magic borrowed in the library. I was going to practice my magic. I hated the way others from rival dormitory bullied me for not able to cast ordinary magic taught in my school. I liked to practice magics that's not yet taught. They also think I'm low-ranked mage because I don't own a mystical pet yet. Despite of being one of princes in Crystalia Kingdom, I'm recognized as nothing more than a lonely academic nerd.

11.00, I went outside to borrow another book in library. I need to study more on ice-elemented magic. I remembered it, when they made fun of me; they burnt my drawings of my dreamt pet. I was so... :(.

Without knowing it, I took a wrong book. Instead, I took the book containing secret magics. I didn't read the word 'confidential'. The library keeper didn't notice it either when I borrowed this. When the sun set I went to Lunastria dormitory and locked my room. Inside, I fell asleep quickly. Might be because I didn't take breakfast.

20th December

Man, I slept for a long time! I woke up at 01.00 morning. The others were still sleeping. I decided to read the book. I kept reading it for a long time. I start to learn the essential part of secret magics. But I found one spell that sounds... interesting. It is said that this spell can't be casted inside. In snowing weather only. I kept reading it until it is noon.

After doing my hobbies (drawing, practicing swordmastery, and some sudoku), I went outside and train my magic with my friends. I kept the book with me and we trained magics together, although we played snowball instead. We played until it is 18.00. I slept quick again due to excitement....

Still in the same day, 23.30 evening. I went outside my room discreetly. The others were still sleeping. I went to the school's open yard. I opened that secret book. I read the news that tomorrow won't be snowing, so I want to try magic to change the weather. For student in my level in that time, that would be too hard. I still insisted to do that.

Then, I read the spell and began spelling them, but I kept failing; it won't snow. I sat, thinking that I won't be able to do that. But I saw my drawings. I have designed my arts cutely. Then, I start to try other spell. I found the interesting sentence again.

I spelled it correctly and carefully and suddenly, it was not only snowing. It is going to be blizzard. I thought to stop but I refused. Then I remember the faces of my friends who care about me. My spirit burned and I continue spelling the magic.

The blizzard went smaller and I saw a shining energy beam from the cloud hitting my drawing that flew near me. I was temporarily blacked out. I fainted, but then I stood and see what's happened.

The blizzard subsided. I saw something shining on the snow. I tool a closer look and... I saw... a sleeping little puppy. Huh? I saw she looks like my dreamt pet I drew. Then... is that the secret magic?

I decided to raise her. Because it is snowing, I named her... Snowy. In the morning, 21st December, I heard that there's one realm where only pets resides there. The pet owner is still able to contact the pets. I believed this is where she should live. My friend gave me the note with a spell written in it. It is used to create portal to connect there. So spell it, opening a portal, and I sent her there and got one house for her. I must admit the Mayor helped me in the administration and blahblahblahs. After that, I said bye to her and return to my realm. I can still contact with her until now, just like others. This is when her journey starts....